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Three Dimensional Healing with Cindy Myers

By Weigel Productions (other events)

Tuesday, March 16 2021 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

Three Dimensional Healing: The Energy of Mind, Body and Spirit

Cindy Myers was an engineer in the military - when she realized she had the ability to read frequencies in both humans and animals. While building actual radars for the Navy, she unlocked the keys to find the frequencies that need to be healed in the radar of others. Most well known to my Social Club as "The Animal Whisperer", Cindy has been helping humans (and pets) get "unstuck" with certain pains, and energetic or relationship patterns for decades. Cindy can often see the moment in time when a pattern began based on the energetic imprint that was left from the emotional impact of the event. 

It's time to unlock these patterns and bring in the light.

What if your aches and pains could be tied to some emotional stress in your life? What if Spirit triggered those pains to get our attention? Mind+Body+Spirit can all three work to create physical problems and habits. During this Spirit Social Club, we will discuss best ways to heal in the Third Dimension. With her Master's Degree in counseling, (with an emphasis in Depth Psychology) Cindy adds yet another layer of skills to her sessions.

When: Tuesday, March 16, 6-8PM

Cost: $75

(Only 10 slots will be sold to give everyone time with Cindy.)

(Cindy is not a medical doctor and does not recommend replacing her work with any protocol involving an M.D. All participants understand that Cindy and/or Weigel Productions are not responsible or liable for any reaction to this event.)